My Latest Reef Project

Day 1 - Bought a 12g and a 24g nano cube. Due to going to a frag swap meet, I didn't get a chance to do anything other than dump somethings out. It was late and I didn't want to the fish to die overnight.

Day 2 - Went shopping for some basic supplies and cleaned up the 24g cube. After removing a few pounds of salt and crud from the tank, it looks very nice. I used instant ocean salt, added some more course sand and reused most of the live rock.  Stacking the live rock required using super glue, due to how small the pieces of rock were. I'm happy with the final result as I  was able to give some tunnels and other features. There is a few nice shelves to hold coral, once I figure out the light situation.

 I was concerned about the bio load on the 12g and decided to move the fish into the 24g. I'm not happy with moving the fish so early in the 24's setup but I think it was better than the alternatives.

Right Side of 24g

Left Side of 24g

Front Side of 24g


Day 10 - Checked the 24g chemical levels. Everything was ok, the only level that was even slightly elevated was the nitrates at 20 ppm. Otherwise the Clownfish, Clown Goby and Engineer Goby seem to be doing good. The Clownfish likes to try to jump up and out of the tank whenever it is feeding time. The Engineer comes out occassionally but only if everyone holds still. The Clown Goby loves to patrol the top of the rocks in pursuit of any food that the Clownfish may have missed. Well, I'm getting anxious to finish the lighting project, so we can add the first coral. I'm thinking of trying a cheap, but cool mushroom or two first. Now the pics.


Tank with the camera's flash.

Tank without flash. This shows the color of light be given off by my current 70 LED Xmas lights.

My DIY LED Light Kit